Put A Bowl In An Air Fryer

Can You Put A Bowl In An Air Fryer

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If you are thinking, “can you put a bowl in an air fryer” or not, we are here to help you find the right answer. This is a fairly common question that arises in the mind as not every bowl is safe to be placed in the air fryer.

In essence, the air fryer is a powerful convection oven. It operates by circulating the air faster in the basket and helps to cook food very quickly. Some even wonder, “can you put glass in an air fryer” as there are even cases of mishaps using a glass bowl in the fryer.

The aspect of ‘fryer’ may be a reason for much confusion, but an air fryer isn’t just frying food. It offers so much more than simply that. One of the most important aspects to remember is that not every type of bowl is prepared the same way. Hence, some bowls tend to melt or explode in the kitchen appliance.

In this article, we will explore the different types of bowls and which ones should be used! So, if you want to collect more information on the best suitable bowl for making healthy meals in the air fryer, stay tuned.

What is the need for Using a Bowl in an air fryer?

Although it is not mandatory to keep every food item in the bowl and then put it inside the air fryer, nonetheless, there are a few recipes in which you have to put a bowl in the air fryer. Thus, if you don’t have a bowl that is air fryer safe, you should get one soon.

Having a bowl that is safe to put in an air fryer is vital as not all bowls are suitable for putting in an air fryer. Hence, you should read all the information carefully given on the label of the bowl to learn if the product is fryer safe or not. Below are some very common materials used in bowls, along with their specification for fryer-safe features. So, let us check them out.


Can You Put a Bowl in An Air Fryer?

The most common question, “Can you place a bowl in an air fryer?” has a simple answer. You may put a bowl in an air fryer following some measures. You can only put a bowls inside if it fits inside the machine without interfering with the function of the air fryer.

You should know Can you put plastic in an air fryer?


Are Bowls Safe To Put In the Air Fryer?

Yes, bowls are safe to put in an air fryer as long as they do not hamper the function of the machine. But how to know which one is safe and unsafe to use?

For that, it is essential to know which type of materials are safe to use in the air fryer. For example, materials like metal, glass, and ceramics are mostly used for putting inside an air fryer.


Can You Put A Steel Bowl In An Air Fryer?

Yes, a steel bowl is suitable for use inside an air fryer. Metal utensils are able to withstand heat up to 500 degrees. Also, the metal should have no paint on it.

However, if you see any artwork on a metal bowl, avoid using them directly on the heating element. Otherwise, it can melt fast and spoil your food. In addition, do not keep cool liquid or anything cold in a heated steel bowl. When you put cold stuff in a hot steel bowl, it is most likely to crack the material as a result of thermal shock.

Moreover, it is best to make sure that the bowl you are about to use will not hinder the function of the machine.


Can You Put A Glass Bowl Inside An Air Fryer?

Yes, a glass bowl is suitable for use in the air fryer as it is typically oven safe. Besides, they come in various sizes and shapes that help to fit in the air fryer well. Also, they do not contain any toxic chemicals that possibly leach the food during the cooking time in the machine. Hence, they are perhaps a safer choice to make healthy meals.

Glass bowls are a versatile kitchen item that comes in use for a variety of ways starting from storing food to mashing ingredients to cooking recipes in the air fryer. Note that you must keep a steel plate under it when putting the glass bowls in the fryer. Always make sure to preheat the bowl for being extra safe.

Checking the labels on the glass bowl is also essential to know whether it is safe to put in an air fryer or not. As the temperature of the air fryer rises fast, an ordinary glass bowl can fail to withstand the sudden shift in the temperature.


Can You Put A Ceramic Bowl In An Air Fryer?

A good quality ceramic bowl is heat-resistant. Hence, they are perfect for using in the air fryer to cook delectable dishes such as brownies, cookies, cheesecakes, puddings, and more.

Ceramic bowls are safe to use in the oven and can withstand heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. So, they are one of the safest options in kitchen appliances. However, make sure to avoid placing the cold liquid in hot bowls as they would end up cracking. In this case, also use lukewarm water to preheat ceramic bowls.


What Bowls Can You Not Put In An Air Fryer?

While you can put steel, glass, and ceramic bowls in an air fryer, avoid putting plastic and paper bowls in it. These materials will melt down and shatter when exposed to the high temperature of the air fryer. Even if the plastic is microwavable, it is likely to melt. Besides, paper bowls can produce fire while using them.

Air Fryer Model 




Dash DCAF150GBBK02 Compact Air Fryer

1000 watts 

2 Quarts

Elite Gourmet Air Fryer

1000 watts

0.68 Liters

Chefman Compact Fryer

1000 watts

2 Quarts

Copper Chef Air Fryer

1000 watts

1.89 Liters

Aria Air Fryers RAR-597

800 watts

1.89 Liters

BELLA Air Convection

1230 watts

1.5 Liters

Can You Put A Plate Inside The Air Fryer?

There is no harm to put a plate inside an air fryer as long as it is oven safe. Also, make sure that the plate you put in the machine does not create a barrier in the airflow.

When you use plates to keep inside an air fryer, expect the cooking time to be longer than usual. This is because hot air will not be able to reach every part of your food properly. Conversely, if you use a plate for preparing smaller dishes that require limited space, such as cookies, then there is no issue.


Final Thought

Can you put a bowl in an air fryer? Of course, you can put a bowls in an air fryer following the safety precautions we have outlined in the article. Bowls made with ceramic, steel, or glass are suitable to put in an air fryer if the label mentions they are oven safe.

However, never put a cold glass bowl directly in the oven as it will raise thermal stress and shatter the Pyrex. So, it is better to always preheat the glass bowls before putting them in the air fryer. For that, you can simply use mild hot water and add extra safety.

However, if you are unsure whether the bowl material is safe to use in the air fryer, avoid using it before confirmation. Remember, your personal safety comes first.

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