Vent A Microwave On An Interior Wall

How To Vent A Microwave On An Interior Wall?

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Are you worried about the aroma of your food which would spread in your house like covid? 

Well, it seems!

Although, are you a cooker who tries several new dishes every Sunday? Most often,

Thus, do you want to know how to vent a microwave on an interior wall? Or how to handle the microwave wall vent kit?

I’ll bet you can guess what happened if you don’t vent a microwave on an interior wall. If you don’t vent a microwave in your interior wall, you have circumstances. 

Let me explain, 

What if you don’t vent, microwave. Have a loo! 


Why Is It Necessary to Vent a Microwave? (Reasons For Venting Your Microwave)

However, you might wonder why is there a need to vent a microwave. Right! Look, a microwave is an appliance used to cook food or prepare the fastest snacks in the morning.

People like you vent a microwave on their interior wall to cook your food. Microwave is best in all, which helps your food cook and moist quickly. 

But, How do you install a microwave vent in the wall?  

While microwave also helps with smell, aroma, and dissipate of monsters related to the food you are making. 

The reason behind venting a microwave is insane, which means you can cook food anytime, anywhere.  

But for your concerns, here are a few solid hidden reasons for venting your microwave. 

Here are they!


  • Removing Odors

Let say you cooked doughnuts last night. But when you wake up in the morning, you still smell the doughnuts odours. The smell might not appeal you.

For that, you need to take away the odours from your house. For this, you vent the microwave oven in your kitchen. 


  • Removing Smoke

You see an ordinary stove; the heat and smoke can spoil your ceiling. For that, you must have an area where the moister and smoke come out.

As you probably know that smoke can damage and dark your walls. Therefore, it’s essential removing the old microwave oven from your kitchen and vent a new microwave oven.   


  • Removing Heat

When you cook any dish, you might observe the amount of heat generated in your kitchen. Let suppose if you don’t vent the microwave; the chances are your house will be messed up with heat and items.

Moreover, it’s essential to have a venting microwave in your kitchen. 

Now, let’s come to the gauges that you need when venting the microwave. 

Vent A Microwave On An Interior Wall

Things You Need To Vent The Microwave On An Interior Wall

You see, here are a few things that would help in venting your microwave. 

  • Exhaust Adapter:
  • Drilling machine:
  • Screws:
  • Microwave
  • Screwdriver:
  • Pencil:
  • Bracket:


You got this.

Now, see the steps of venting the microwave on an interior wall. 


9 quicks Steps in Venting The Microwave On An Interior Wall

Although here are 9 quick ways to invent the microwave, all you need is to follow the steps in sequence. Or What Does Routine Maintenance Look Like for a Vented Microwave?

Take a look!


  • Selecting Place

Fists of all, you need to figure out ductwork configuration. You need to decide the place where you want to vent the microwave oven. 

Moreover, try to select the least resistant path when would direct the moisture and heat to the exterior side of the kitchen. 

Once you select the place, you need to fix the template where are brackets and wholes are given.   


  • Making Template

The next step is to make the template in the place where you will set the vent. You need to consider the blower position of the microwave. 

It’s essential to see the template and fix it before taking further action. 


  • Drilling

Now is the time to drill. You need to drill the whole to where you’ll position your microwave. 


  • Bracket Installation

Well, the next step is to install the bracket and mark the holes with a pen. Then drill the holes from the drill machine. 

Conversely, you ask what An Exhaust Adapter Is for a Microwave? 

Well, it’s the replacement damper bracket of your microwave which helps in the ventilation process. 


  • Lifting The Microwave

Now, you need to lift the microwave and place it in the position. It is because you need to mountain your 32 to the 39-pound microwave, which is a bit heavy.


  • Mounting

You know mounting your microwave is a bit typical task, you see the brackets, though you have to place your microwave in some slots to adjust the corner to corner and edges to edging. 


  • Tightening The Bolt

The next step is fighting the bolt tightly. Otherwise, the chances are your microwave may fall from the place.

Thus, which might cause damage. So, it’s essential to tighten the bolt.


  • Securing the Power Cord

Now, pull the power cord slightly over the hole in the cabinet, which would help your microwave connect with the socket. 


  • Attaching Exhaust Adapter

Before linking the exhaust adapter, you must apply some adhesive to its principal. And it’s the best way to stay watertight.

Now, finely you see how to vent your microwave in the interior wall depending on the type of microwave oven. 


Microwave ventilation: A guide depends upon the type of the microwave 

As you see the ventilation process/ steps of the microwave oven. Depending on microwave ovens, you can place or mount the microwave oven. 

Here are a few!


  • Countertops Microwave 

You might know countertops microwave ovens come with flat surfaces, though they don’t require any installation.

You will find ducts at the top of the countertops microwave. However, it’s on you which microwave you want to ventilate. 


  • Out the range microwaves 

On the other hand, you might observe the out-range microwave. Have you?

Most often, sometimes, you have choices in the microwave. Some microwaves want the venting process to ventilate, or few come up with automatic set ducts. 

So, you need to look up that your microwave does not go out of the range. Or Can An Over The Range (OTR) Microwave Vent To An Interior Wall? Or How do you vent an over-the-range microwave?

Though, all you need is to do follow the 9 steps.

Well, definitely it would!

Now, look at the difference between recirculating venting microwave vs venting a microwave. 


Recirculating venting microwave vs venting a microwave

  • Recirculating venting microwave for How to vent a microwave on an interior wall:

You often see every kitchen consist of a vent as it’s essential while cooking. The circulation of aroma, hot air needs to go out of the kitchen. Right!


  • Vent microwave hot air & burning smell for How to vent a microwave on an interior wall:

Conversely, you know ventilation, on the other hand, is a significant part of venting microwaves in your kitchen. 

If you don’t have a ventilation process, you must consider this thing at first sight. 


Related Questions

Can A Range Hood Utilize an Interior Vent for a Microwave?

Yes, it would; both under wall range and cabinet hoods can be utilized on an interior wall. It seems daunting, but if you are comfortable enough DIYing it, it will save you money, 


Does a built-in microwave need a vent?

You know, every microwave needs a vent because if you don’t vent your microwave, how would it fit a specific area in your kitchen. 


Can I vent a microwave vent/range hood through the wall?

It sounds a bit weird, but yes, you can vent a microwave vent/ range hood through the wall. Or How do I quickly tell if the vent below the microwave is vented to the exterior?

Moreover, you need to check your cabinet above the microwave oven. Or What trade should I hire to vent a microwave through my roof?

It’s effortless to say that you need a handyperson or HVAC concentrator.

Or you might ask what recirculating venting on a microwave is?

Well, it’s the process where the handyperson recirculates the ventilation process, which means it would install the new microwave ventilation in the interior wall.


How much ventilation do microwaves need?

It’s the ventilation between the oven’s tops, side, rare and the area to which units are installed.  Or in contrast, Do microwave vent fans work?

Yes, it would work; that is the reason you installed the ventilation process. 



Look, you know microwave help you to reheat the food. Therefore, you need to know how to vent a microwave on an interior wall. 

However, the above given 9 quick ways can help you with the ventilation process of the microwave oven. 

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