Why are kitchen cabinets so expensive

Why Are Kitchen Cabinets So Expensive?

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Do you want to know why kitchen cabinets are so expensive?

Imagine you bought a brand new house and you liked everything in the house the bedroom, launch, toilet, but kitchen cabinets look weird.

Though, and you get an idea to exchange the existing cabinets. Right!

What will you think? Of course, you do.

You think, How much does it cost to put new cabinets in a kitchen? And why are kitchen cabinets so expensive?

You see, cabinets are expensive due to 10 reasons that are:

  1. Custom Cabinets design
  2. Material of kitchen cabinets
  3. Labor Cost
  4. Features
  5. Installation process
  6. Removal of previous kitchen cabinet
  7. Hardware
  8. Drawers
  9. Glazing
  10. Number of cabinets

Why are kitchen cabinets so expensive?


1.  Custom Cabinets design 

When you compare mass-produced cabinets with custom design cabinets, you will find custom design cabinets more expensive than mass-produced cabinets.


The fact relies on the manufacturing process of kitchen cabinets which are made from machinery and automation processes.

Moreover, you can get pre-design cabinets for your kitchen. But, not all pre-design kitchen cabinets fit your kitchen.

For this, you need pricey custom-made awesome designs because of flinching material, cutting venture, and size.

Look, if you want your kitchen cabinets to look fantastic. Then go for custom design.

Why are kitchen cabinets so expensive

2.  Material of kitchen cabinets

The factor which makes the kitchen cabinet pricey is the material of the cabinets. Right!

What? If you demand the Valuable high material for your cabinet. Of course, you get the best material.

Isn’t it?

The material depends on what you demand. The Marble, granite, wood, plywood, hardwood, stainless steel, etc.

Yes, the kitchen cabinet price depends on the material you want to fit in your kitchen.

For this, you need to consciously demand the material that would be a great fit in your budget and fill your desire.

Why are kitchen cabinets so expensive

3.  Labor Cost 

The other reason why kitchen cabinets are expensive depends upon the labour cost.

Though, look, you want your kitchen cabinet to fit in several angles. Right!

But how?

Of course, your labour will build the cabinets, deliver and install them in your kitchen, according to your needs.

Therefore, kitchen cabinets will become expensive since labour would fit in the right place.

Most, often skilled labour is, charged high due to their high expertise in building kitchen cabinets.

But, what it takes?

It seems that the cabinet doesn’t take much effort. But it does!

4.  Features

 You see, kitchen cabinets include lots of features. That might cost kitchen cabinets expensive.

But, what are they?

Cabinets include features flat panel doors, drawers, color, size, or even material.

You’d experience the features in your life. Right!

It might involve the actual layout and the material which you are going to use for your kitchen.

Though sometimes, kitchen cabinets become too pricey due to materials: such as solid wood, which is rugged and long-lasting material for kitchen cabinets.

Conversely, plywood is cheaper compared to solid wood. Yes, it is.

The other includes medium-density fibreboard, which is highly usable in nature.

5.  Installation process

 Moreover, the foremost reason that makes your kitchen cabinets expensive.

Is installation, yes installation!

Look, have you ever seen the installation process? Did you.

The process involves the levelling area and the perfection, which is a slightly sensitive part.

The installation is a sensitive process that high skilled labour can achieve. Right!

The homeowner enables to install the kitchen cabinet perfectly if you don’t know. You know, a single unperfect kitchen cabinet can through off the other cabinets.

Therefore, installation needs to be done with an expert professional. And that will cost of expensive.

 6.  Removal of previous kitchen cabinet

 Look, you’d decide that you need to install new kitchen cabinets. Did you?

For that, first, you need to remove the existing old kitchen cabinets, which is a bit time-consuming work. Ist it?

Yes, it is.

When you are done removing the previous old cabinet, you need to fix some issues with the wall. If you find any

It might be the color, dust, damaged wall, etc., but if your kitchen is relatively small, you will probably need a dumpster to dispose of the cabinets.

Usually, dumpsters come with delivery, dumping, and removal. Therefore dumpsters get cost you high charges.

Though, the removal of precious kitchen cabinets can cause new kitchen cabinets expensive.

 7.  Hardware

 Well, you might see the hardware or upper look of the kitchen cabinet cost you expensive.


Because kitchen cabinets consist of a knob or a handle. Right!

Have you ever see knobs are of different styles which get you few more Dollars.

Although, when you purchase hardware relatively several, it seems that other things add up fast that it may see. Sounds woo!

Look, when you buy drawers and knobs, the chances are you will get more expensive things because of their excellent look.

While hardware comes with high quality so, you might not need to replace them faulty. You see, most people do!

So, kitchen cabinets are expensive due to the hardware cost.

8.  Drawers

You know it might be possible that kitchen cabinets consist of several drawers. Yes it does

In fact, drawers are the easiest way to open and put your sensitive stuff such as knives, tablets, matchboxes, etc.

Though, if you want your small kitchen gadgets to be saved, of course, you want some drawers in your kitchen.

Well, you have experience of seeing several drawers in a traditional kitchen. Right!

The larger the number of drawers, the more expensive your kitchen cabinets will be.

Usually, a typical kitchen comes up with 8 or more drawers, but the chances are it might be fewer depending on the kitchen owner.

 9.  Glazing

 Moreover, if you are a cook, you would be aware of the glazing process. Would you?

You see while cooking or working in the kitchen can cause steam and grease, which would be bad for your kitchen cabinet.


Therefore a process (Glazing) has been found to secure the condition of cabinets. Well, it’s the additional procedure that costs you high.

Glazing is the reason why your cabinet gets expensive. Why?

Because it’s the additional part which most people are not particularly interested in.

Glazing is the finishing high-end venture which does run long.

10. Number of cabinets

 Last but not least, kitchen cabinets are so expensive is because of the number of kitchen cabinets you want to acquire. Right!

You know very well how much your kitchen needs cabinets. It looks if you have a large kitchen, you might need a considerable number of cabinets.

But think before you fulfil your kitchen island with cabinets. Well, some places need to be filled, such as deck areas, bar areas.

For this, it might raise your kitchen cabinet expense.


Are expensive kitchen cabinets worth it?

In general, the more expensive kitchen cabinets you acquire, the tremendous amount of quality you will get.

Well, it means the more you spend on kitchen cabinets, the fewer chances your kitchen cabinets would likely break.

The quality will maintain for a more extended period. It means for years.

In essence, it can save your money for a more extended period. Furthermore, you will more likely enhance benefits for your kitchen.

It might include functionalities that the average cabinet doesn’t take, such as extended run furnishing, protecting glazing, ease of hardware, etc.

But though, if you think you can afford it. Go for it!

 Here’s research has shown the design and development of kitchen cabinets. Take a look!


How much should you spend on the kitchen cabinet?

Such a staggering question. You know what!

Who can do the best answer to this? Guess who?

Yes, it’s you. Only you should know how much should you afford on your kitchen cabinets.

Well, it depends on you that which design you choose. Whether it would be custom that costs you 300$ per linear foot or covers 25 linear feet areas, the custom cabinet will cost you 7500$.

On the other hand, a stock cabinet will cost 150$ to 250$ linear feet as these cabinets are a bit cheaper. Though, measure your kitchen area and order the best-fit kitchen cabinets according to your budget.


Modern kitchen cabinet cost?

Well, look in the modern era the new kitchen cabinets have introduced with the high-quality material. It depends on the liners foot area of your kitchen.

The price varies from 100$ to 1200$, including best-fit everything, including high-end custom options and off-the-shelf side.

Here are a few options depending on the type and price range. 

Are stainless steel kitchen cabinets expensive?

Well, compared to the other stock and custom cabinets, the stainless steel kitchen cabinets are expensive in nature. Why?

Stainless steel consists of steel that requires effort and energy to give proper shape, size, or color.

It looks the stainless steel kitchen cabinet is more durable compared to other wood kitchen cabinets. The other benefit to having stainless steel is it last for a more extended period,

Therefore, stainless steel kitchen cabinets are expensive than other kitchen cabinets.

Is it cheaper to build your own cabinet? 

Look, if you master and are skilled in installing kitchen cabinets to your kitchen, it would be outstanding for you to build your own cabinet.

But look, sometimes it seems that you can install. It’s an arduous process that consumes time, energy, and cost.

Though, it would be better if you hired an expert and asked to install a kitchen cabinet in a way that would fulfil your need and give you comfort.


But what if you can install and you know the exact way. Sounds standout,

All you need is to buy the custom or stock cabinets for your kitchen with the drawers, hardware, and features that would cost you less.

What’s the significant difference between stock cabinets or custom cabinets?

Look, stock cabinets are pre-made designs with the pre-existing and ready to install. It would be an instance due to their fast installation process.

Whereas Custom cabinets are manufactured on your need and desires, which would provide convenience and comfort.

Moreover, Custom cabinets are of any type, design, shape, color, features, size, and or even capacity on the linear footer area.

Isn’t it good news for you?

Custom kitchen cabinets depend on your choice. So, all you can do is ensure the prepaid list to your labor with the complete instructions paper. 

Are cabinets more expensive?

 It seems that cabinets are expensive. Isn’t it?

Look, kitchen cabinets have become expensive due to their high-quality features and long-lasting nature.

The higher the cost you will pay, the more stylish look you will find in your kitchen. It depends on your budget and luxury.

Furthermore, if you could afford a more expensive cabinet, it would be a great comfort for you. At the same time, the ranges vary from 100$ to 1200$ or more.

How much does it cost to put new cabinets in a kitchen?

Well, it depends on the removal or disposal, new cabinets, or labour cost. If you maximize the expensive, it will probably cost between 300$ to 1200$.

How much should I pay for the cabinet?

Sometimes, it looks that you are going to spend your money on the stock cabinet. But according to your budget, you think you need to spend on a custom cabinet. Right!

Depending on the comfort style and design, you plan that How much do you spend on the kitchen cabinet?

Why costumes cabinets are so expensive?

As you know, the costumes cabinets are manufactured as per your demand and need. The color, style, size, everything depends on you.

Therefore custom cabinets are so expensive.


I hope you have seen the 10 hidden reasons why kitchen cabinets being too expensive. Isn’t it?

You know the amazing thing you can do is control the cost of your kitchen cabinets. But how? Either you can design your own kitchen cabinet, or you could order stock cabinets of your choice.

The best thing about your kitchen cabinet is if you invest a higher amount. The chances are more likely your house will worth more money in future.

So, invest in your kitchen cabinet can be a tremendous cost for you.

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